Name: Nafe3 Al Yasi

Date of Birth: 5th of June 1985

Place of Birth: Dubai

School: Al Ittihad private school-memzar class of 2003.

University: United Arab Emirates University

Major: Medicine and health sciences.

Hobbies: Photography, Volleyball, and collecting stamps.

Favorite football team: Brazil since 1994.

Favorite Dish: warag 3inab, and Cesar salad :D

Favorite colors: Blue & Red

Favorite Number: 12 “my best year in school + it can be divided by 1 2 3 4”




That’s my best part of my profile don’t ask me why, it about my favorite hobby :D I’m well known in my community as a photographer more than anything else, and that makes me famous, yahoo!

I first started shooting back in October 2000, that time, my art teacher asked me to cover the celebration of the national day” it was in October because Ramadan was in December”, and that time, I didn’t have my own camera, so I asked my aunt to give me her camera
“Minolta Dynax 707si” and she did :)

During November, my art teacher told me about a photography competition, I think that it about Dubai; therefore, I grabbed my aunt’s camera and took many shots of Dubai at night

Without any experience in photography, no one can take a night shot, when I say a night shot, I mean a well exposed one. So I got all these blurry pictures :S lol that time I thought that something was wrong with the camera, because when I shoot, the shutter “delays” for a long time especially at night, I didn’t hear about something called shutter speed in that period, all I knew was how to load a film and click the shutter release button.

Imagine yourself receiving zero pics out of a whole film; it was really a bad feeling, and because I failed, I hated something called photography. But with encouragement of my art teacher, I started to shoot again, it was like a challenge between me and the camera.. Its true that I lost the first round but I refused to fail.

And now, nearly four years had passed, the challenge is not over yet, my aim was and is to be a professional photographer within five years, so one year is left,and this year will announce the winner

Within those four years, my beginning was below zero, I started with someone else’s camera, and now el7amdella, I have my own photography equipment, bought it with my money, step by step, and day after day.

This is a list of my equipment: